Corporate social responsiblities activities
The following is the description of corporate social responsibility activities that PT. Darma Henwa Tbk has carried out in its work operational areas.  
1. Bengalon Coal Project, Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan
Bengalon operational area is part of administrative area of Kutai Timur Regency. This regency is the territoral expansion of Kutai Kartanegara Regency, with Sangatta as its capital city. As a manifestation of the Company’s responsibility and its effort to support the regional development, CSR programs for this area focus on several aspects as follows:
Donation for MTQ (Qur’an recitation) event.
Donation for Christmas celebration.
Donation for the anniversary of 2014 Kutai Timur.
Donation for Bupati CUP
Donation for Labor Day – KSPI.
Donation for Bengalon’s flood victims
Donation for the repair of UPTD Bengalon C.
2. Asam-Asam Coal Project, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan
Asam-Asam coal project is located in Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan. This district is populated by 29,002 people with diverse profession and job. In conducting its CSR programs, the Company attempts to develop a comprehensive program that reaches all elements of the society. CSR activities in this 
region include:
Donation of embroidery machine at Kintab, Asam Asam.
Donation for the development of Musholla Al Muslimin and Darut Taqwa.
Donation for Christmas anniversary
Donation for PERHIPTANI
Donation for children festival.
Donation for the commemoration of the Independence Day in various villages.