Corporate social responsiblities program
Based on CSR program development result, the Company establishes 4 (four) main programs, namely:
1. Darma Cerdas
Darma Cerdas represents the Company’s commitment to giving contribution for thorough improvement in education for the society. The implementation flow of this program includes the improvement of supporting educational facilities and infrastructure, financial aid through scholarship, and competency development facility through internship and apprenticeship for Vocational High School students. Darma Cerdas program consists of the following activities:
Providing some donations for school facilities, such as school bus for students in Desa Sepaso Bengalon 
(Sepaso Bengalon Village), East Kalimantan, donation for the construction of hall and prayer facilities in 
Islamic Elementary School of Al Hikmah Bengalon, and providing scout trainer for Public High School 
(SMAN) 01 Bengalon.
Providing donations in the form of 13 (thirteen) wooden desks, 5 (five) wooden cupboards, and 2 whiteboards 
for schools in Malinau Selatan District (Kecamatan), East Kalimantan, through Head (Camat) of Malinau 
Selatan District. 
Providing opportunity for vocational high school and university students near the Company’s area of 
operation to attend an internship in the Company’s operational office.
2. Darma Mandiri
Darma Mandiri is the Company’s corporate social responsibility program in economy field, which aims to elevate the living standard of the community near the project site by providing the opportunity to set up their own business in agricultural, plantation, farming (Darma Tani) and sewing and embroidery (Darma Sandang) sectors. CSR activities that the Company carry out as part of Darma Mandiri program are as follows:
Giving embroidery machines to the embroidery workshop run by FKPI youth at Kintap District near the Asam-Asam project site, South Kalimantan. With the embroidery machines given by the Company, these FKPI Kintap youth won the Best Booth Award from the Local Government of Tanah Laut Regency (Kabupaten) at the Development Exhibition, which was held by the local government, in commemoration of 49th anniversary of Tanah Lau Regency in November 2014. 
In addition to the award, the FKPI youth also received order to embroider the logo of the Local Government of Tanah Laut Regency
Giving rice seeds for the people in Bengalon and carrying out the planting of a thousand trees to celebrate the Environment Day.
3. Darma Sehat
Darma Sehat is the Company’s CSR program in health and aims to increase the wellness of the society by providing assistance, health counseling, and disease prevention program to the community. These efforts are conducted by involving the employees of Darma Henwa, business partners, government agencies, and mine owners.
4. Social Responsibility
As a form of the Company’s social responsibility to the community in the vicinity of the operational area, the Company has organized CSR programs that focus on providing public facilities and organizing social activities. The construction of public facilities for the society includes providing assistance for the following; road repair, electricity installation, water tank, renovation of school building, meeting hall, construction and maintenance of houses of worship.
In addition, the Company also supports the implementation of social community activities in improving social interaction, communication, and the involvement of the community, such as; the commemoration of the Independence Day, the anniversary of local district/region, the anniversary of the local institution, and traditional events. Another action taken as a form of the Company’s social responsibility is the policy to recruit local people as the Company’s employees (non staff and staff) in its operational offices at its respective project areas. 
5. Sports and Art
The Company actively carries out CSR activities in the field of art and sports nearby the Company’s project areas. Such activity includes the giving of donation in the form of sports equipment and the Company’s sponsorship program for PORSENI and sports match such as volleyball, badminton, soccer, and futsal. The Company also sponsored 2014 BUPATI CUP Bengalon event and futsal tournament in Malinau Selatan, East Kalimantan.