Corporate social responsiblities report
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is implemented not merely as a fulfillment of the Company’s responsibility and its compliance with the laws and regulations. Beyond that, CSR programs that are well conducted in an organized way is able to create a continually balanced and harmonious relationship, besides a mutually-beneficial one, between the Company and the surrounding community. The Company also believes that CSR program is a key parameter that is part of a benchmark to measure business success, in addition to good management and operational performance indicators.
With this in mind, by implementing the Company’s responsibility, which is described in its vision, mission, and corporate values, the Company emphasizes on CSR programs and policies that meet sustainability standard, have integrity, uphold business ethics, and are not against the applicable laws and regulations. These standards are expected to create CSR programs that can deliver positive impact; a program that is effective and meet the target, able to empower the community’s potential, and continuously held for the long term.