Darma Henwa Wins US$23.5 Million Works in Lead-Zinc Mine Project


Darma Henwa Wins US$23.5 Million Works in Lead-Zinc Mine Project

Jakarta, March 12, 2020 - PT Darma Henwa Tbk (DEWA) obtained two new projects in a lead-zinc mine in Dairi, North Sumatra, owned by PT Dairi Prima Mineral (DPM). Scope of works in the project are earthworks, civil/construction, as well as mechanical and electrical installations.

In the first project, DEWA won a tender for civil works and installations in section II of the lead-zinc mine. Value of this project has been agreed at USD23.5 million.


"Based on an open tender carried out last January in two locations, Jakarta and Xinjiang, Darma Henwa was decided as the winner of two other bidders from China. By this, we are confident that Darma Henwa is able to compete regarding to the competencies that we have," said DEWA Chief Operation Officer of the Non-Coal Project Wisnu Wahyudin Pettalolo.


Wisnu explained that the working period for earthworks, civil/construction works, as well as mechanical and electrical installations at the lead-zinc mine will be for 12 months. According to plan, the project will start in June 2020.


Then in the second project, DEWA was appointed for additional construction works for retaining wall as well as mine roads and site leveling, at the same mine owned by DPM. For the initial stage, DEWA will begin the work of gabion retaining wall and slope strengthening. Subsequently, the mining road and site leveling will be carried out at a later stage.


At present, DEWA is still in the process of discussing with DPM the commercial, technical, and legal aspects of the additional project.


"This new project is one of Darma Henwa's efforts to develop business aside from coal sector, to strengthen Company's business structure," said DEWA Corporate Secretary Mukson Arif Rosyidi.


Mukson said, DEWA still has several potential non-coal projects in Company's pipeline. Furthermore, DEWA will continue to develop its non-coal business, to reinforce the business as an integrated mining services company.


Meanwhile, this project is a continuation of Company’s previous works in DPM’s lead-zinc mine. At the end of March last year, DEWA had obtained mine road access construction project there. The project which valued at Rp.29.9 billion, was well-completed in October 2019.



About PT Darma Henwa Tbk

PT Darma Henwa Tbk was established on October 8, 1991. In July 1996, the company changed its status from PMDN to Foreign Investment (PMA) with the entry of Henry Walker Group Limited as the Company's largest shareholder. In January 2005, the Company changed its name to PT HWE Indonesia and in September 2006 it changed its name to PT Darma Henwa. In 2007, PT Darma Henwa Tbk became a public company with the stock code DEWA.


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