External Auditor
External Auditor appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of the candidate proposed by the Board of Commissioners is based on the proposal of the Audit Committee together with the reasons for nominating and magnitude of honor / reward is proposed. External auditors should be free from the influence of the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and stakeholders related to the Company.
Through selection and negotiation process, the Company appointed public accountant firm KAP Aryanto, Amir Jusuf, Mawar & Saptoto (Member Firm of RMS International) (AAJ) as the Company’s Independent auditor for 2014. The cost spent for the audit of Darma Henwa by the accountant firm was Rp 362,000,000 (three hundreds sixty two million rupiah). Aside from auditing the Company, AAJ also audited the Company’s subsidiaries.
The subsidiary that was also audited by AAJ in 2014 was PT DH Services.