HSE Performance

The success and evidence of the Company’s commitment to the fulfillment of HSE aspect can never be achieved without full support from each aspect. Evaluation and improvement on the operational management shall be continuously enhanced, so is the human resources as the operator.

In assessing the successful performance of HSE, QHSE Division has released statistical data, which has been periodically compiled, on incidents that become the parameter to measure the successful implementation of HSE values.  

 Based on the above data on incident rate trend, there was a significant decrease of incident in 2014. This proves that the Company has demonstrated an effective HSE performance during the year. Over the course of 2014, 173 incidents were recorded at 0.01 rate, indicating a decrease of 50% compared to the incident rate in the previous year.

Moreover, in 2014, the Company recorded 12,657,333.38 safe working hours with one incident of Lost Time Injury (LTI) in March. The Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) in 2014 was 0.08 with the scale of damage at 0.85. In addition, the Company’s performance in preventing property damage improved at 51%, as cost incurred for property damage resulted from the incidents decreased by 68% compared to 2013.  

The following is the table on the comparison of the Company’s HSE performance in 2013 and 2014 

In order to maximize HSE aspect, the Company has purposedly formed a rescue team not only at the project site, but also at the Company’s head office at Gedung Bakrie Tower – Jakarta. The performance of the rescue team is not only evaluated internally by the Company, but also externally through certification process conducted by the National Search and Rescue Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (Basarnas) every two years. Thus, the performance of DEWA’s rescue team in supporting the goal of HSE programs run by the Company is always optimally monitored.