HSE Program

In 2014, PT. Darma Henwa Tbk through Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Division developed a main program in introducing HSE work plan that aims to manage high risk work commonly exposed to the Company’s workers in performing their operational activity. Such main program is named Zero Accidents Zero Human Error (ZAZHE).

There are 4 (four) stages of strategy to take, namely:

Stage 1 : Commitment

Commitment is an early stage in this program which is conducted by reinforcing the commitment of the Company’s management to create safe work activities through Contract on Safety at Work, which is approved by all heads of projects (HOP).

Stage 2: Program Implementation

The program implementation stage is performed upon the acknowledgement of the commitment. In this stage, each department in the project site is obliged to implement the work plans stated in ZAZHE program. There are 11 (eleven) activities as part of the ZAZHE program, as shown in the table presented below the explanation of stage four.

Stage 3: Program Control

Furthermore, the implementation of ZAZHE programs will be regularly monitored by the relevant authorities, be it the Department Managers, HSE Manager, or HOP. The controlling activity is carried out every day, every week and every month, all of which will be reported in one report and ultimately becomes part of HSE monthly report to HOP and Head of QHSE Division

Stage 4: Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is the final stage of the ZAZHE program implementation strategy. In this stage, HOP, together with HSE Manager will periodically evaluate the program. In every single period of evaluation, HOP will provide rewards and sanctions according to the result made in the related program.