Internal Audit

The function of Internal Audit is not limited to the mechanism of financial supervisory function. With modern organization governance that has become increasingly complex,the Internal Audit Unit is highly required to discharge its supervisory duty more thoroughly by focusing on several aspects, such as evaluation on the effectiveness of organization system effectiveness, implementation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), risk mitigation, and conformity with the prevailing regulations.

The role of the Internal Audit is to maintain the Company’s quality of operations and credibility in the eyes of the public and all stakeholders, in terms of implementation of financial management, administration, and compliance with the prevailing regulations.

In order to support such goals, the Company realizes that it is necessary to prepare some guidance concerning the position, function, responsibility, requirements, and code of conduct of the Internal Audit to provide them ample room to perform their job. Such guideline is contained in Internal Audit Charter as a foundation and commitment of PT Darma Henwa Tbk in creating transparent and accountable corporate governance. The formulation of the charter refers to regulation No.IX.I.7 issued by the Chairman of the Capital Market Supervisory Board and Financial Institution (Bapepam – LK).

The substances contained in the Internal Audit Unit Charter are available in the following document:
Internal Audit Unit Charter