• Faruk Fauzi

    Faruk Fauzi

    Deputy COO – South Coal Project

    Indonesian Citizen, born on August 15, 1979. Mr. Faruk obtained Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and holds Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations from OHSA, Australia. He is also active in mining association, namely Member of PERHAPI (Indonesia Professional Miners Association). He has more than 15 years of experience in coal mining industry and consultant with a wide spectrum of roles involving various aspects of the mining industry, including economic analysis, coal quality engineering, and mine planning and scheduling, operational, safety performance and management. Mr. Faruk started his career as a Drill and Blast Engineer at PT Pamapersada Nusantara in 2008-2009. Then in 2008-2009, he became a Pit Engineer at PT Thiess Indonesia, until finally joining PT Darma Henwa Tbk in 2009-2012 as Mine Operational Manager. Subsequently, he joined Cofey Mining Pty. Ltd. in Australia as Senior Mining Consultant and returned to PT Darma Henwa Tbk as Head of Project in 2013-2017. Then in 2017-2018, he filled the position of Deputy Project Manager at PT Petrosea Tbk and Senior GM Operation at PT Tritama Niaga Berjaya in 2018-2021. Mr. Faruk rejoined PT Darma Henwa Tbk as Assistant COO in 2021 and became Deputy COO – South Coal Project in 2022.

  • Yulius Shoid

    Yulius Shoid

    Deputy COO – Mine Planning and Operational Excellence

    An Indonesian citizen born in 1982. Mr Yulius Shoid holds a Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. He brings years of extensive experience in mine planning both in Indonesia and Australia markets. He started his career with Thiess Indonesia in 2005 where he forged decent foundation of mine planning in contract mining operation before he moved to Australia in 2008. During his time in Australian Mine Planning Consultancy, he spent most of his time working onsite as relief engineer in numerous mine sites around Queensland’s Bowen Basin. He forged decent technical knowledge in Australian coal mining operations from Dragline, Cast Bulk Push (CDX), to conventional Truck Shovel. Along with these site experiences, he also involved in wide range of project consulting works from green field study to all horizons of mine design and scheduling. In 2015, he moved to BHP Coal where he travelled through the experiences of all mine planning horizons from short term, midterm, and long term planning. He formed a good understanding of mine plan to business acumen philosophy from his time working with BHP Coal’s Mineral Australia P&T Resource Engineering. Yulius returned to Indonesia in 2019 and took a Technical Service Manager role with Thiess Indonesia. Subsequently in 2019-2020 he became a Specialist Mine Scheduling with BMA’s Blackwater Mine before he turned to Technical Service Superintendent in Terracom Limited’s Blair Athol Mine in Queensland Australia. Mr Yulius was appointed as Deputy COO Mine Planning and Operational Excellence in early 2022.

  • Wisnu Wahyudin Pettalolo

    Wisnu Wahyudin Pettalolo

    Deputy COO – External Relation & Business Development

    Born on March 16, 1970, Mr. Wisnu has more than 27 years of experience in various industries. Most of his experiences are at the directorate and commission level, such as President Director of PT Sulawesi Agromalindo Lestari (1996-2003), Commissioner of PT Kaltim Persada (2002-2007), President Commissioner of PT Berdikari Mandakala Pratama (2007-2011), Director of PT Prima Sahaja ( 2010-2013), President Director of PT Mutiara Tanjung Lestari (2011-2014), President Director of PT Pelayaran Sanditia Perkasa Maritim (2011-2014), Commissioner of PT Nusantar Adara (2013-present), Commissioner of PT Integra Comunica Nusantara (2016-present this), to the Commissioner of PT Krakatau Agro Logistics (April 2021-present). He has held the position as Deputy Chief Operating Officer – Non-Coal of the Company in 2020 until now. Mr. Wisnu holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the Independent School of Economics, Manado (1998), and a Masters in Management from WR Supratman University, Surabaya (2012). He is a member of a number of organizations such as the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), the Indonesian National Ship Owners Association (INSA), the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI/ILFA), the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), and the Indonesian Truck Entrepreneurs Association (Aptrindo). He also serves as Vice Treasury at PB PABBSI.