CSR Report

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is implemented not merely as a fulfillment of the Company’s responsibility and its compliance with the laws and regulations. Beyond that, CSR programs that are well conducted in an organized way is able to create a continually balanced and harmonious relationship, besides a mutually-beneficial one, between the Company and the surrounding community. The Company also believes that CSR program is a key parameter that is part of a benchmark to measure business success, in addition to good management and operational performance indicators.
With this in mind, by implementing the Company’s responsibility, which is described in its vision, mission, and corporate values, the Company emphasizes on CSR programs and policies that meet sustainability standard, have integrity, uphold business ethics, and are not against the applicable laws and regulations. These standards are expected to create CSR programs that can deliver positive impact; a program that is effective and meet the target, able to empower the community’s potential, and continuously held for the long term. 

CSR Program

The objective of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and programs is to obtain optimal economic benefits that are in line with the increasing social life and welfare of the community and the preservation of the environment. The Company is fully committed to striving for harmony between operational performance and profit growth with social responsibility, the development of a clean and healthy environment, and community welfare.

The Company’s policy in carrying out comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility programs is regulated in the Corporate Governance Guidelines, which confirms that “The company maintains and fosters harmonious relations with stakeholders, one of which is by implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”

The scope of the Company’s social responsibility programs covers economic, social and environmental aspects, which are carried out in a balanced manner, as a whole in line with the triple bottom lines concept which is a reference for corporate management that cares about the business development as well as the sustainability of the earth and all the contents.

Basically, the Company runs a social responsibility program in accordance with applicable regulations. The Company also has full commitment and responsibility for life in the future in preparing its programs. Some of the programs include: Local Community Empowerment Program, Community Education and Training Program, Education Infrastructure Development Program, and endemic plant development programs that are run in collaboration with mining concession holders.

Darma Cerdas represents the Company’s commitment to giving contribution for thorough improvement in education for the society. The implementation flow of this program includes the improvement of supporting educational facilities and infrastructure, financial aid through scholarship, and competency development facility through internship and apprenticeship for Vocational High School students.

Darma Mandiri is the Company’s corporate social responsibility program in economy field, which aims to elevate the living standard of the community near the project site by providing the opportunity to set up their own business in agricultural, plantation, farming (Darma Tani) and sewing and embroidery (Darma Sandang) sectors.

Darma Sehat is the Company’s CSR program in health and aims to increase the wellness of the society by providing assistance, health counseling, and disease prevention program to the community. These efforts are conducted by involving the employees of Darma Henwa, business partners, government agencies, and mine owners.

As a form of the Company’s social responsibility to the community in the vicinity of the operational area, the Company has organized CSR programs that focus on providing public facilities and organizing social activities. The construction of public facilities for the society includes providing assistance for the following; road repair, electricity installation, water tank, renovation of school building, meeting hall, construction and maintenance of houses of worship. Another action taken as a form of the Company’s social responsibility is the policy to recruit local people as the Company’s employees (non-staff and staff) in its operational offices at its respective project areas.

The Company actively carries out CSR activities in the field of art and sports nearby the Company’s project areas. Such activity includes the giving of donation in the form of sports equipment and the Company’s sponsorship program for PORSENI and sports match such as volleyball, badminton, soccer, and futsal. The Company also sponsored 2014 BUPATI CUP Bengalon event and futsal tournament in Malinau Selatan, East Kalimantan.

CSR Activities

PT Darma Henwa Tbk carries out a number of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) activities in the area around the mine site and other locations. The following are CSR activities that have been carried out by the Company:


Bengalon Coal Mine

The Bengalon operational area is part of the administrative area of East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province. This area is an expansion of the Kutai Kartanegara Regency, where capital city is Sangatta. As a manifestation of the Company's responsibility and efforts to support regional development, CSR programs in this area are focused on the following aspects:


  • Industrial Work Practice Program (Prakerin) SMKN 01, Bengalon, East Kalimantan.

To support community development around the mining area in Bengalon, the Company accepts students to do job training at the mine. In 2019, the Company held Internship programs twice a year, with a duration of 3 months each. The first period is in January-March. Then the second period in September-November. During these 2 periods, a total of 53 students participated.


  • Fogging and eradication of mosquitoes that cause dengue fever in Sepaso Village, Bengalon, East Kalimantan.

Before conducting fogging, the Company consulted with the local Public Healthcare. Sepaso Village is the location of choice for fogging because there are quite a lot of residents affected by dengue fever, compared to other residents in the surrounding villages.


  • Blood donation in Bengalon, South Kalimantan.

In 2019, the Company held 2 blood donation events in the mine area to donate to PMI Sangatta, East Kutai.


  • Mass circumcision in Bengalon District, East Kalimantan.

The Company has routinely carried out mass circumcision activities in Bengalon since 2017. In 2019, around 30 children participated in this mass circumcision.


  • Empowerment of Fostered Vegetable Farmers group in the Etam Block, Sepaso Village, Bengalon District, East Kalimantan.

For the activities, the Company provides support to farmers from the planting to harvesting process. Company also donated corn and vegetable seeds for the farmers to develop.


Asam Asam Coal Mine


Asam Asam coal mine is located in Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan Province. This sub-district has more than 30,000 populations with varies professions and occupations. In carrying out the CSR program, the Company seeks to develop programs that reach all elements of society. CSR activities through the Community Empowerment Program (PPM) in this area include:

  • Empowerment of Galam Rabah Farmer Group, Sei Baru Village, Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency.

The Company empowers vegetable farmer groups in the form of chilies, long beans, green beans, tomatoes, eggplants. The empowerment is carried out by providing donation and assistance, starting from clearing idle land into productive agricultural land, nurseries and fertilizing. At this time, the agricultural products are marketed in 3 sub-districts, namely in Jorong, Kintab and Batu Ampar Districts.

In addition to vegetables, the Company empowers these Farmer Groups to develop the Etawa Goat Livestock business, starting with the provision of 4 female Etawa goats in March 2020. In its development, in September 2020, it increased to 8 goats. It is expected that the surrounding community will be interested in raising livestock.

  • Empowerment of Tentrem Farmer Groups, Pandansari Village, Kintap District, Tanah Laut Regency.

The company directs the Tentrem Farmer Group to develop vegetables such as kale, long beans, leeks, cucumbers and beans, which its means of production are in the form of plant seeds and fertilizers. In the implementation, the Company provides guidance and assistance in both cultivation and marketing.

  • Empowerment of Mekarsari Farmers Group, Sei Baru Village, Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency.

The company guides the Mekarsari Farmers Group to develop vegetable and fruit cultivation. The Company's assistance starts from land cultivation, planting, planting seeds, fertilizers, and cultivation. California papaya was chosen because it has a good market share, also has high productivity (span of 4 years) and can be harvested from 7 months of age.

  • Empowerment of Jerupih Livestock Group, Sei Baru Village, Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency.

At the Jerupih Farmer Group, the Company empowers farms of hybrid broiler ducks and joper chickens. This hybrid broiler duck could be marketed at the age of 45-50 days. Meanwhile, joper chickens could be marketed for 65 days. The Company's assistance starts from making cages, seeds and feed / medicine.

  • Development of Mbah Moejiran Coffee Plantation, Sei Baru Village, Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency.

Mbah Moejiran Coffee Plantation was originally only managed coffee for personal consumption because it did not have a market. Seeing the enormous opportunity, through the Community Empowerment Program, Darma Henwa guides and directs everything from coffee plant maintenance, harvesting and post-harvest handling to post-harvest technology with the final result of coffee packaging. Recently, the real manifestation of local wisdom with the presence of "Dewa Coffee" which has distinctive and unique taste, from the coffee plantation under the guidance of PT Darma Henwa Tbk’s Asam Asam coal mine. Furthermore, the Company will develop coffee plants in the vicinity of the mine by utilizing ample unused land.


Satui Coal Mine

The Satui Coal Mine is located in Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan Province. The Company carries out environmental development programs in this area, including through the following activities:

  • Donation of school bags, stationery, and study equipment for students and teachers of SDN 01 Bukit Baru, Desa Sejahtera Mulia, Satui, South Kalimantan.

The company provides this assistance with the consideration that the targeted primary school is the closest to the mine site.


  • Computer training for junior high school students around the Satui Project, South Kalimantan.

This continuous program is carried out by the Company on a weekly basis. The training lasts for 3 months in one period. When the training is completed, participating students take test and get a certificate. In one training class, there are 20 students participating.


  • Free health checks for the community of 4 villages in Satui, South Kalimantan.

The company brings doctors to Sejahtera Mulia Village, Makmur Mulia Village, Satui Timur Village, Sungai Cuka Village, which is located in the vicinity of the mining area. In addition to conducting examinations, the Company also provides medicines to people in need.


  • Construction of a motorcycle parking lot in Makmur Mulia Village, Satui, South Kalimantan.

This is a development activity for the Makmur Mulia Village Youth Organization, to manage motorcycle parking lots in the Satui mine area.


  • Electric pole assistance for street lighting at the Kecamatan Office and Puskesmas Satui, South Kalimantan.

In this activity, the electricity is drawn from the Company's generators.



The head office of PT Darma Henwa Tbk is located at Bakrie Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Apart from mining areas, CSR programs are also carried out at the Head Office, with the following details:


  • Medical examination and medical equipment assistance for the people of Menteng Atas, Jakarta.


  • Blood donation of employees at Bakrie Tower.

The company invites every Darma Henwa employee to contribute to society by donating blood. This activity is continuously held by the Company.


  • Assistance for orphans in collaboration with Bakrie Amanah.


  • Assistance for orphans in collaboration with the Future Youth Foundation, Jakarta.


  • Assistance with street lighting at the subdistrict office and the Satui Health Center.


  • Basic food assistance for the Islamic Mission Islamic Boarding School, Koja, North Jakarta.